Perfect Image Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel Product Review

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Perfect Image Salicylic Acid Gel Peel is a professionally formulated, safe and effective chemical peel that can help you achieve clearer and younger-looking skin with just a few treatments.

Made From Safe And Effective Ingredients

Its main ingredient, salicylic acid, is a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of the willow tree. Salicylic acid is also a component of the greatest and safest wonder drug the world has ever known: aspirin.

When turned into a beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid turns into a wonderful treatment for many forms of acne and other skin irritations.

In the correct concentrations, salicylic acid opens clogged pores, causes the outer layer of skin to shed more readily, neutralizes bacteria in the pores, and then tightens the skin by reducing pore diameter. It encourages new cell growth by this process as well.

Treat A Host Of Skin Problems With One Product

If you’re suffering from common skin problems like enlarged/clogged pores, acne, sun damage, blackheads, or whiteheads, you’ve probably tried many over the counter treatments or maybe even prescription medicines to get your blemishes under control. You may have achieved some positive results with one approach or another, but it seems like your problems keep reappearing after a short while, sending you back to the health and beauty aisle looking for another answer to your embarrassing skin outbreaks.

Perfect Image Salicylic Acid Gel Peel 20%

Perfect Image Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel addresses this problem with a single product approach.

How Perfect Image Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel Works

The outer layer of your skin is covered in oils.

Many people that have acne and other skin problems have too much oil on the skin. Most acne medications cannot address the underlying skin problems because they can’t penetrate this outer film of oil.

Perfect Image Salicylic Acid is oil soluble, so it can easy get past this outer layer and work on the dermis, the underlying layer of skin.

Because dermis is made up of mostly water and not oil, Perfect Image Salicylic Acid works on this layer without penetrating further, making it safe to use up to several times a week.

For acne, Perfect Image Salicylic Acid acts in much the same way its cousin aspirin does, reducing inflammation and bringing relief to the painful bumps that form.

Customer Reviews

Excellent for taking care of breakouts quickly

“I have a Mediterranean background, so I am prone to oily skin and breakouts. I used this peel with excellent results. If you don’t notice a difference when you use this, you may want to go for a higher acid content (30%), but I recommend using this first and see what results you get. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to start out with a 10% solution and if you can tolerate that well, then move up to this 20% solution. I don’t have severe acne, but I have persistent breakouts and I wasn’t finding any skin care products that really made a difference until this. I recommend using the whole bottle, which is about 10+ facials, and do the peel every 2-4 weeks before you give your final verdict. Your skin regenerates every 4 weeks, so if you don’t see immediate results, you will over time.” – Sasha Quantino from Indiana USA (Amazon’s Verified Buyer)

Professional peel at home!

“I have very oily skin, prone to stubborn breakouts, mostly blackheads and cystic acne. I love this product because you are getting a professional chemical peel at home. This peel, while my face was a bit inflamed directly after use, shrinks my cystic acne, as well as gets rid of layers of skin that were clogging my pores.” – Ashley (Amazon’s Verified Buyer)

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Perfect Image Salicylic Acid Is Especially Helpful For:

  • Teenagers
  • People with clogged or enlarged pores
  • People born with oilier skin
  • People with sun-damaged or wind-burned skin
  • People prone to blemish outbreaks from makeup products
  • Anyone who has acne

In addition to safe and effective Salicylic Acid, Perfect Image adds all-natural cucumber and chamomile extracts to add antioxidants while it soothes the irritation that any chemical peel can bring.

It also adds other safe and effective botanical extracts that return moisture to the skin without adding oils that could block pores and reduce the treatment’s effectiveness.


  • Safe
  • Can be used more often than other peels
  • Minimize and shrink pores for firmer, younger looking skin
  • Helps both blemishes and acne
  • Powerful exfoliation
  • Prevents future outbreaks


  • Can produce more blemishes for a short time as it begins to work
  • Would like to see the formula available in a roll-on applicator for spot applications


Users of Perfect Image Salicylic Acid are almost universal in their enthusiasm for the formula’s ability to clear up their face and keep it clear with regular use.

Since Perfect Image Salicylic Acid is both effective and safe to use regularly, it allows users to stop purchasing other acne and blemish treatments entirely, so it can seem like a bargain to blemish sufferers, and may even pay for itself.

My Verdict?

Highly recommended! :)

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