How to minimize pores naturally?

Minimize pore naturallyPores can be hectic to minimize. There are many ways to minimize pores. While some people would prefers to use cosmetic approach (by using product known as pore minimizers), others goes for a safer approach, which is natural remedies.

The most effective and commonly used natural approach to reduced pores is keeping your skin cleaned. This calls for regular exfoliating, care and cleaning.

If you have been a victim of enlarged pores, I would recommend that you drink plenty of water to keep you skin hydrated.


7 ways to take care of your pore naturally

Below are seven alternative ways that you can use to minimize the sizes of your pores without using any cosmetic products. Be mindful that before you start using these natural products (like tomatoes etc), make sure they are clean and fresh.

  • Exfoliation

One the main reasons why you are having enlarged pores is dirt and accumulation of dead cells. That is why it is good to exfoliate your skin at least twice in a week. This would clear your skin of those clogged dead skin cell, debris and dirt.

You should gently exfoliate your skin using a moistened cotton wash cloth. Avoid scrubbing the skin too roughly as this may lead to irritation.

This is a practice you should adopt not only when fighting pores but also as a regular skin treatment.

  • Using cucumbers or tomatoes

tomatoes and cucumbersDo you think that these two are just tasty veggies? They both have astringent properties. By this I mean that they assist in tightening your skin tissue thus reducing the pore size as a result.

You should smash flesh of either and mix with plain yogurt (optional) to get a smooth paste. Apply this mixture to a clean and dry skin. Let it for about 20 minutes and wash it off using a warm cotton wash cloth.

Do this at least once every week.

  • Rubbing with ice

using ice on skinIce works as an effective yet simple natural remedy for reducing enlarged pores. It has skin tightening abilities which enables it to shrink large skin pores. It also stimulates blood circulation thus promoting healthier skin.

Wrap some ice cube in a clean wash cloth and hold tight against your skin for around 30 seconds. Repeat this several times during the day.

You can enhance the effectiveness of this method by infusing the water with rose tea, green tea, apple juice or cucumber juice.

  • Steaming

You can use steam bath to open your skin cells since the steam pulls off the accumulated dirt and oils. This is effectively achieved using sauna without which one can use a pot.

Fill the pot with water and bring water to boil. Cover your face using a clean towel and place it over the pot. Make sure to maintain a safe distance.

This can be repeated for at least three times in a week.

  • Using egg whites

Egg whites have also been widely used to minimize pores. This is due to its toning and skin tightening properties. Egg white mask also plays an effective role in drawing excessive oils out of the skin.

Spread the egg white evenly on the skin and let it dry completely before rinsing.

Repeat this practice at least twice every week.

  • Using baking soda solution.

Baking soda is a very effective exfoliating agent. It removes excess dirt, debris and oils from the skin. It also works as a pH balancing agent thus reducing complications like pimples and acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Check out other benefits of using baking soda by Dr. OZ.

Mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda with lukewarm water. Apply the paste on your skin while massaging in circular motions for few seconds before rinsing with cold water.

Repeat this process daily. You can reduce the frequency as the results improve.

  • Using aloe to moisturize your skin

Aloe is plant known for its numerous health benefits which includes natural pore tightening properties. You can get aloe gel from a freshly cut leaf and squeezing the gel into a bowl.

Apply freshly squeezed gel on your skin and let it dry.

Aloe vera on the skin


Engaging yourself in good skin care practices can help in eradicating and possibly reverting excessive occurrence of enlarged pores.

Natural remedies proves to be effective without having to invest excessively. It also keep you away from harmful chemical which may be harsh on your skin and sometimes it may lead to harmful side effects.

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