GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment Review

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GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment 1.2 oz is the latest in the line of skin care products by GlamGlow.

Our Insight

GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing TreatmentThis product is essentially an effective treatment that serves the purpose of clarifying the skin. Problem skin such as discoloration, breakouts as well as black heads and white heads is what this treatment targets and heals.

This treatment uses the latest formula, making use of activated X Charcoal and strong skin-clearing mud. It aids in drawing out congestion and dirt as it contains a patented 6-acid blend that brightens the skin dramatically.

It leaves the skin glowing, supple and clear.

Who Should Get This Product?

The GlamGlow Super-MudTM Clearing Treatmentis the ultimate choice for people who have an oily skin type as well as those who have acne problems.

Super Mud

With this treatment, one can actually view oil being picked up by the mask from one’s pores. This is because of the Pore-Matrix that works to reveal vacuum extraction dots and also engages in the enscapulation and absorption of toxins, bacteria and sebum oils.

This product is also ideal for those who live in either hot or humid areas and from teenagers to adults, anyone can use this product.

Verified Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from verified Amazon purchaser:

Good pore cleansing

“I find this is better at cleaning out my pores than any other mask I’ve tried, including skinceuticals clay masque. Especially if I use a pore strip right after I take the mask off-It worked almost as well as having an esthetician do extractions, which is much more expensive.” – Jennie M.

It’s good in that it makes the skin feel great after …

“The hype over this product is a bit much. It’s good in that it makes the skin feel great after use. The skin is soft and firmer than before but it doesn’t really do much to clear imperfections or black heads. If you have very sensitive skin it can cause breakouts as well.” – Bon

Awful smell

“It does what it promises–my skin is definitely clearer and softer after use–but it smells AWFUL. Like rotten mud or dog poop. I’m not sure if this is a spoiled product because it came through a 3rd party vendor (although it wasn’t opened), or if I’m just not getting the ‘amazing smell’ that everyone has been claiming.
If you can stand it, though, it does a decent job of clearing up the face.” – Amazon Customer

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The Pros

There are a number of advantages that one can gain from using the GlamGlow Super-MudTM Clearing Treatment.

Firstly, the fact that it contains glycolic acid, makes sure that the photo damaged skin is restored and the skin texture is improved.

Secondly, it effectively sucks the oil form the oiliest areas of one’s face, leaving behind a smooth, dry and baby soft skin.

Thirdly, it helps in new skin rejuvenation and also in the de-clogging of pores so as to minimize them as it contains Salicylic acid. It also helps to reduce pigmentation, moisture build up and skin collagen because of it having Lactic acid.

This clearing treatment does a great job of removing dirt and oil, as well as minimizing the skin pores.

It works in a fairly gentle way. Those with sensitive skin issues can without any worry give it a go as well as after the treatment, one’s skin feels smooth and calm.

As for the color and consistency, it is surprising as it is more on the liquidy side as compared to other clay masks. In a matter of five minutes, the mask starts working its magic and one starts seeing small dots form that suck up all of the dirt and toxins etc.

GlamGlow Clearing Treatment

In no more than twenty minutes, the mask will do its job and then one can just easily wash it off and see the remarkable results for themselves. And the best part is that this treatment reduces breakouts quite quickly.

Even the application of moisturizer after the wash does not bring back the oil, and one can feel their skin becoming super smooth, radiant and full of a natural glow.

The Downsides

The only two bad points about this skin clearing treatment is firstly the scent, which comes off as a bit weird. But then again most clay masks tend to have less than appealing scents, so that really isn’t that big of an issue.

Secondly, this treatment will cause a break out in a day or two, and that cannot be avoided as its just doing its job, but most people might say that it’s a bad product and so may not like it.

My Verdicts?

As for the question as to whether this product is worth the money or not? Well, it definitely is as it accomplishes all that it says it would do and gives the best results, leaving one’s skin, radiant, glowing and supple.


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